On October 11th, In Miami, Florida, Craig had his largest signing event of his colorful career. Over 2,400 pieces printed exquisitely on aluminum were signed that day, to be sold/auctioned throughout the world on multiple cruise lines. Craig recently stated ”It’s a beautiful realization of a dream. It’s surreal and appreciated.” This marks the second time this year that Craig has had a large quantity signing with Park West Gallery and hopes this will continue in the future.


Sketch 366 Project…With only two months left in 2016, Craig’s demanding yet rewarding Sketch 366 Project is nearing its completion. We want to thank all of our clients who have brought some of these very creative and diverse drawings into your homes. It is still possible to pre-order a sketch for November and December, as some dates are still available. You can also view all of Craig’s sketches on our gallery facebook page. For each sketch, in the text, it will read “Available”, “Sold” or “Not for sale”. Any sketch that is still “available” can be ordered by calling Phil at the gallery. 504-592-9886 Here’s a link to our facebook page

The Holidays are coming!! This is the perfect time of year to buy a loved one that very special piece from The Craig Tracy Gallery. Call or email Phil at the gallery to order and have your art shipped well within time for the holidays. Don’t miss your chance to give a truly creative gift that will forever be cherished. 504-592-9886

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