Happy New Year to all of Craig’s collector’s, friends, fans and future collector’s!! We hope everyone has a healthy and prosperous New Year! Craig promises more new work and adventures in 2017. 


Craig’s Sketch 366 Project is Officially over. The estimated 1,464 hours that Craig worked on the project, produced some extraordinary pieces for his collector’s. The good news is…many great original pieces are still available. To get your original sketch visit our Facebook page. Here’s the link. Feel free to call or email Phil at the gallery to place your order. 504-592-9886 or contact us.

In 2017 Craig will take all of his creativity, dedication and hard work from his Sketch 366 project and move it forward, but he will focus all of his energy on his fine art Bodypaint work. He will not be releasing the images daily, but he intends to be painting more bodies this year than ever before. So…Stay tuned.

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