South China Tiger Project

The vast majority of Craig Tracy’s paintings are authentic bodypaintings captured photographically without any substantial digital or non-digital manipulation. Some of his bodypaintings incorporate a backdrop. These backdrops are created and or meticulously hand painted by the artist in advance of the actual bodypainting.


When his bodypaintings do involve a backdrop, both the painted body and the backdrop are photographed together in one single frame as to eliminate the need of a post production composite. It is his intent to create images that represent a single surreal moment in time that is then captured and expressed as a very real work of art.

Kindred Spirit

“I consider all of my work to be paintings even when referencing the photographic or printed images of my work.” ~ C.T. This exact concept is commonly respected in realm of music. A song is a song regardless of it being performed live or listened to from an audio recording. Music is simply music and neither time or method lessens that fact.


The artists often states that Bodypainting is very much like creating music especially when considering the passionate and ephemeral nature of both. “I consider my bodypaintings to be visual songs that I sing only once so that they can then be shared and appreciated throughout a lifetime.” ~ Craig Tracy


Here is a collection of random behind the scenes images that will help give you a bit more insight into the artists process as well they allow us to better grasp the illusionary three diminutional reality of his work. The Artist enjoys sharing these images as he hopes to shed some light on the mystery of his method.

Process Videos

Please visit the VIDEO section for more videos of the art and artist.

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